Additional Classes

Progressive Ballet Technique – An innovative programme designed to help students understand the depth of training muscle memory in order to achieve their personal best in ballet. The class focuses on improving strength and flexibility through a range of exercises in a fun format for all to enjoy. Want to improve your core strength or need help improving flexibility? Join our progressive ballet technique classes.

Senior Freework & Conditioning – This is a non-syllabus class which focuses on technique, strength and conditioning as well as giving students an opportunity to try a number of dance styles. After our warm up, stretch and conditioning part of the class, students work on across the floor movements such as kicks, turns and leaps before moving on to choreography. Styles of dance previously covered include fosse jazz, commercial, lyrical & contemporary and students work on one dance for a few weeks before moving on to another genre. This class is also involved in numerous optional performances throughout the year including INNOVATE (a contemporary dance platform), WOKING SLAM (Hip Hop dance Show) and Woking Party in the Park.